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Often I am asked if I would assist clients, their family and friends, with issues other than weight loss. To address and accept real change in any area of your life it is important to deal with subconscious beliefs and limitations that you have around the particular issue.  


People's beliefs are formed in childhood and they have carried these into later life. These have a strong influence in how they develop in their lives.


People live in two worlds at the same time. The outer world called reality and their inner world that keeps them safe and secret from others.  


This outer world can have people functioning in jobs, family life and relationships but at the same time they feel deep anxiety and loneliness inside or lack confidence and have low self esteem. Hypnosis can help a person to adjust their inner world so they can have a better life and their outer reality can be a happier experience.


How your beliefs and patterns of behaviour are formed


From the ages of 0-6 years you are shaped and strongly influenced by


  • Where you were born

  • Your parents

  • Gender

  • The culture you grew up in

  • The social values of the country you lived in

  • The language you spoke

  • Siblings

  • Birth order

  • Religion

  • Ethnicity

  • Grandparents

  • Community 

  • Schooling

  • The house you lived in

  • Fearful experiences and trauma

  • Money and income of your family

  • The time you were born in (Era)

  • Your body shape

  • The clothes you were


The ways that you have experienced life has influenced and shaped automatic behaviours. These may be no longer serving you and perhaps you feel and think it’s time for these to change.


Behaviours and issues that can be assisted with hypnosis
  • Anxiety and depression

  • Exhaustion

  • Relationships with partners, children, and work colleagues

  • Money concerns

  • Feeling stuck and wanting to change a part of your life e.g. job or career, moving house or country

  • Starting a business

  • Wanting to change reoccuring negative patterns of behaviour 


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